Jasper Recipes: What Are They and How to Use Them


The whole point of using an AI copywriting tool like Jasper is to push out high-quality content faster and write better marketing copy.

With Jasper recipes, your workflow can be even faster.


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What Are Jasper Recipes?

Jasper recipes are pre-made workflows that contain multiple commands to help you write content faster—think of them as a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for creating content.

You can create your own recipes or save those shared by the community.

Jasper Recipe Example

Below is an example of how the recipe I created for writing a blog post looks like.

You can run it or download it by clicking here.

Jarvis recipe example
Jasper recipe example

You can create or use recipes for different things, such as writing cold emails, landing pages, about pages, social media posts, and more.

How to Use Recipes

Every recipe will be different depending on who created it.

However, most people use the greater-than sign > to indicate the command you should run and curly brackets { } for the variable to be replaced.

Let’s look at step-by-step instructions on how to use the “How to Write a Blog Post” recipe below.

You can access the recipe here.

What you see inside square brackets [ ] are just instructions to use as a reference during this example.

[Run the command below, then paste your favorite title in the sidebar]
> write blog post titles about {TOPIC}

[Run the command below, then paste the output in the sidebar]
> write a content brief for {TOPIC}

[Run the command below]
> write a {TONE_OF_VOICE} intro paragraph about {TOPIC}

> write a blog outline about {TOPIC}

[Run the command below for each item on the outline]
> write about {OUTLINE_ITEM}

> write a {TONE_OF_VOICE} conclusion about the above content

STEP #1: Generate Blog Post Titles

First, replace {TOPIC} with the topic of your blog post.

Then, run the command by placing your cursor at the end of the text and pressing CMD + Enter (CTRL + Enter on Windows).

Next, take the generated title you like the most and paste it into the “Title” box.

Generate blog post titles
Generate blog post titles

After adding your title in the sidebar, you can delete all the outputs generated by that command.

STEP #2: Generate a Content Brief

Just like above, replace {TOPIC} with your actual topic and run the command.

Then, paste the output into the “Content Brief” box.

Generate content brief
Generate content brief

After that’s done, you can delete the output from the editor.

STEP #3: Generate an Intro Paragraph

You can also include a particular tone of voice in your commands. If you don’t care about the tone of voice, simply remove it from the recipe.

If you want some tone of voice ideas, you can explore my Jasper cheat sheet.

For this example, I’m going to use a “funny” tone of voice.

Generate intro paragraph
Generate intro paragraph

STEP #4: Generate an Outline

Next, generate an outline.

You can also use a command like “write a listicle outline for {TOPIC}” in case the one in the recipe isn’t giving you a good output.

Generate blog post outline
Generate blog post outline

STEP #5: Generate Content For Each Item

Run the “write about {OUTLINE_ITEM}” command for each item on the outline generated above.

Generate outline content
Generate outline content

If Jasper isn’t writing what you want, you can use the three asterisks *** above the command to keep it from reading anything above that point.

This can also be useful if you see that Jasper keeps repeating itself.

STEP #6: Generate a Conclusion

Lastly, generate a conclusion.

For this, I’m going to use “funny” as a tone of voice again.

Generate a conclusion
Generate a conclusion

How to Create Your Own Recipes

To create your own Jasper recipe, login to your account > Recipes > New Recipe.

Creating a Jasper recipe
Creating a Jasper recipe

Now just add a title, description, and the commands you want to run. There’s also the option to add a YouTube explainer video URL.

New Jasper recipe
New Jasper recipe

After creating your recipe, you’ll have the option to keep it private or share using a public link.

Share your recipe
Share your recipe

List of Jasper Recipes

I’ll be adding more recipes soon, but here are three you can use right now:

  1. Write a Blog Post
  2. Rewrite a Blog Post
  3. Write Emails for Guest Posting Outreach

If you’d like me to create a particular recipe, let me know in the comments section below!


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