Jarvis Cheat Sheet: Boss Mode Command, Shortcodes, and Shortcuts [Infographic]


You just started using Jarvis to speed up your content creation process and write better blog posts, emails, ads, and social media captions.

But there’s just one problem: You’re having a hard time getting it to do what you want it to do.

No worries, here’s a small Jarvis cheat sheet you can use to get some command ideas and review the keyboard shortcuts for a more efficient workflow.


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Jarvis Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

More of a visual being? No worries, here’s a cool infographic with different Boss Mode Command ideas, shortcodes, and shortcuts.

Jarvis Boss Mode Command cheat sheet infographic
Jarvis cheat sheet

Boss Mode Command

Boss Mode Command is probably the coolest feature Jarvis has. What this does is that it allows you to talk to Jarvis as if you were talking to a friend.

You can give Jarvis specific commands, such as “write an introduction about…” and it will go ahead and do it.

However, there are some commands that work better than others. If you give Jarvis a command and the output isn’t exactly what you expected, try phrasing it differently or being more specific.

As Jarvis reads more and more input from users, it will get better and better. Just like you’re learning how to use Jarvis, Jarvis is also learning from its users and the way they write and express themselves.

To give Jarvis a command, simply type it out, place your cursor at the end of the sentence, and hit Command + Enter (Control + Enter for those using Windows).

Let’s take a look at some commands you can try for different types of content.

Blog Posts

  • Write blog post titles about [your topic]
  • Write an intro paragraph about [your topic]
  • Write a blog post outline about [your topic]
  • Write some FAQs about [your topic]
  • Make a list of [your keyword]
  • Write a conclusion about the above content
  • Answer the question “[your question]?”
  • Write the next sentence


  • Write an email for a potential podcast collaboration
  • Write a fundraising email about [your cause]
  • Write an email for a guest post pitch about [your topic]
  • Write a follow-up email about a guest post pitch
  • Write an email hook about [your topic]
  • Write a thank you email about [your topic]


  • Write some ad headlines for the product description above
  • Write ad copy about the product description above


  • Write an outline of resume skills for
  • Write a cover letter for a [job title] position at [company name]
  • Write a cover letter email about a [job title] position
  • Write a thank you email to [hiring manager] for the job interview


  • Write some YouTube titles about [your topic]
  • Write a video script outline for a video about [your topic]
  • Write a video script intro for a video titled “[title]
  • Write a video script hook for a video titled “[title]
  • Write a video description for the above video script

Marketing Frameworks

  • Write a PAS for the content above. (Problem, Agitate, Solve)
  • Write an AIDA for the content above. (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • Write a BAB about the content above. (Before, After, Bridge)

Other Commands to Try

  • Write a company slogan about [what your company specializes in]
  • Rewrite the above to explain it to a 5th grader
  • Run Content Improver on the content above
  • Write a value prop for the company described above
  • Write some persuasive bullets for the content above
  • Write a feature benefit for a feature that does [feature description]
  • Write a listicle outline for [your topic]

Other Jarvis and Boss Mode Command Tips

To get the most out of Jarvis Boss Mode Command, you should be as specific as you can with your input.

Here’s an example of three different inputs, one better than the other.

  • Bad input – Write a blog post about martial arts.
  • Okay input – Write a blog post about how to use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for self defense.
  • Better input: Write a blost post about the top 5 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques for self defense.

When choosing an output length, medium tends to generate the most relevant content. Large sometimes starts writing weird stuff.

Lastly, you want to help Jarvis throughout your writing instead of just letting it ramble.

Basically, you want to do some of the writing, then hit Compose to let Jarvis write a bit, then you go ahead and write another sentence to guide it, and then have Jarvis continue for you.


  • ***: Using three asterisks in your content will prevent Jarvis from reading anything above that point. This is a great way to keep Jarvis from repeating itself.
  • ##: Using two pound sings (or hashtags, I guess?) at the beginning of a heading will encourage Jarvis to write a paragraph underneat. This isn’t really needed, but if you’re having problems with your outputs, you could try using this.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command + Enter: Runs Boss Mode commands. For this to work, place your cursor at the end of the sentence and press CMD + Enter.
  • Command + Shift + Enter: This will run the command but keep it on the document instead of erasing it.
  • Command + /: Re-run the previous command to try for a better output.
  • Command + Z: Undo the last change.
  • Command + J: Will generate text where you currently have your cursor.
  • Command + K: View the command history.

Automating Your Life

Mastering Jarvis Boss Mode Commands, shortcuts, and shortcodes will allow you to speed up your content creation process so you can spend on other important tasks of growing your business—or enjoy more free time.

And if you haven’t tried Jarvis Boss Mode yet… what are you waiting for?

Just claim your 10,000 words free trial and test it out!


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