Straight-to-the-point list of all the tools I recommend. If you’d like a more in-depth look at some of these, check my full reviews instead.


You should always assume that almost every link on this site is an affiliate link and that if you click it and buy something you like, I get some money to help me buy a DeLorean, build a time machine, and travel back to the 90s so I can watch Hey Arnold!, Kenan & Kel, and eat some Dunkaroos again.

However, unlike other “big” bloggers, I do have some self-respect and don’t recommend subpar products, even if I could be earning two and three times more with them.

That wouldn’t be so raven.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know what I’m about. So let’s get started, shall we?

WordPress Hosting

  • NameHero – it uses LiteSpeed web servers, has good support, and it’s super cheap (plans start at $3.58/month). (my review)

  • Cloudways – good managed hosting for those who can spend a little more ($10-13/month). Use it with Vultr High Frequency (faster) or Digital Ocean (more stable). (my review)

  • Kinsta – super fast and fully managed host, one of the best supports you’ll get, great security, and free hack-fix. This is where my main fitness site is hosted. Plans start at $30/month. (my review)

WordPress Themes

  • GeneratePress – fast and lightweight theme with excellent support. What I use on all of my websites. (my review)

  • Kadence – solid option as well, but I still prefer GeneratePress.

WordPress Builders

  • GenerateBlocks – best for speed junkies who love keeping their sites performing at its best. It’s extremely minimal so it might not be a good fit for beginners. This is what I use to build all of my sites.

  • Atomic Blocks – great lightweight and fast alternative to GenerateBlocks. It has way more features.

  • Kadence Blocks – you can use this is you decided to go with the Kadence theme.

WordPress Caching Plugins

  • WP Rocket – best overall premium caching plugin to speed up your site. Super easy for beginners to set up.

  • LiteSpeed Cache – free caching plugin for those of you on a LiteSpeed web server (like NameHero).


  • Cloudflare – their free version is pretty cool and should be enough for most people. However, due to the large number of PoPs it has, it might be better for those getting tons of traffic to their sites.

  • BunnyCDN – great and cheap CDN, if you can spend an extra $2-5/month (depending on usage), go with BunndyCDN. It has fewer PoPs than Cloudflare, so it might be a better option for those who aren’t getting much traffic.


  • Cloudflare – fastest DNS currently available, even faster than Google’s DNS service, and it’s free.

Domain Name Registrar

  • Google Domains – one of the cheapest registrars available. Flat pricing year after year. This is where I keep my domain names.

  • Cloudflare – probably the cheapest option you’ll find, they have no-markup pricing. The only problem is that you can’t register domain names yet, only transfer them.

Day-to-Day Emails

  • Google Workspace – the gold standard. Great deliverability and good spam protection.

Transactional Email Service

  • Mailgun – the free version should be enough for most people. This is what I use.

  • SendGrid – good alternative to Mailgun. Free plan should be enough for most people as well.

Email Marketing

  • ConvertKit – great deliverability, visual automations are cool. This is what I use. (my review)

Landing Page Builder

Don’t spend money on this, just build your landing page in WordPress like you would any other page. Just make sure that your theme allows you to disable navigation elements. All you have to do then is embed a basic ConvertKit form (or whichever email marketing service you use).

Course Creation

  • Thinkific – good and fairly priced platform to create and manage your own courses.

Selling Digital Products

  • SendOwl – one of the cheapest platforms to sell your digital products. You can track your affiliates, add upsells, offer discounts, and more.

  • ConvertKit Commerce – this is actually new and I haven’t tried it. But if you’re already using ConvertKit, you can try this out see how it goes.


  • Tailwind – I’ve used Tailwind to schedule and automatically post my Pins since I started using Pinterest to drive traffic. I’ve never needed to look for an alternative as they get the job done, price is fair, and they’re Pinterest and Facebook official partner. (my review)