Jasper AI Review: Can This AI Software Actually Write?


If you’re searching for Jasper AI reviews, it probably means you’re a busy entrepreneur who wants to publish high-quality content faster and with minimal effort.

Lucky for you, I respect the hustle and won’t waste your time with a long intro.

So let’s get this show on the road, shall we?


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What Is Jasper AI?

Jasper, formerly known as Conversion AI and Jarvis, is an artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting software that allows you to create content faster.

Basically, instead of spending a million hours writing blog posts, ad copy, sales emails, social media posts, and catchy headlines, you can let Jasper do most of the writing for you.

Writing Long-Form Content

Alright, let’s start this Jasper AI review with the main reason people sign up for the Pro version—the long-form assistant.

If you’re looking to write blog posts, this is where you’ll spend most of your time.

To get started, all you have to do is describe the content you want to write about and add your target keywords (optional).

For example, you could tell Jasper something like “I want to write about the benefits of electric cars on the environment.”

Long-form assistant - Describe content
Long-form assistant – Describe content

Next, you can let Jasper generate title ideas for your blog post with one click.

Generate titles
Generate blog post titles

After selecting a title, you can go ahead and have it generate an intro paragraph for it.

For this example, I’m going to choose the “8 Reasons Electric Cars Are a Win for the Environment” and let Jasper write an intro.

Generate intro paragraph
Generate intro paragraph

If you don’t like any of the outputs, you could keep generating more or simply pick the one you like the most and make some changes to it inside the editor.

Long-form editor
Long-form editor

Inside the editor, you’ll be able to handle all the formatting for your blog post—think headings, bullet points, etc.

We’ll take a closer look at how Jasper can flesh out an article later, but keep in mind that this is a Jasper AI review, not a step-by-step writing guide.

If you want a detailed guide, I have an article on how to write blog posts with Jasper you can explore.

Boss Mode: Telling Jasper What to Do

Okay, let’s continue with one of the most impressive things from this tool—Boss Mode.

One of the features included in Jasper Boss Mode is the ability to ask it to do something as if you were talking to a friend—this is what they call “commands.”

For example, let’s tell Jasper to “give me titles for a blog post about the benefits of electric cars on the environment.”

Electric car title output by Jarvis
Title generation

What I Asked

Give me titles for a blog post about the benefits of electric cars on the environment.

What Jasper Wrote

  • The electric car and the environment
  • Why electric cars are better for the environment than traditional cars
  • How electric cars can help reduce greenhouse emissions
  • 10 green cars you might want to consider when buying a new car
  • How green cars are good for your health

Now let’s tell it to “write an outline for a blog post about how electric cars can help reduce greenhouse emissions”

Electric car outline generated by Jarvis
Generated outline

Needless to say, Jasper isn’t perfect—so you may need to run the command again or rephrase it so it can better understand what you’re trying to write about.

The clearer and more concise your instructions to Jasper, the better the results you get.

Let’s tell Jasper to “write an intro paragraph about how electric cars can help reduce greenhouse emissions”

Intro Written by Jarvis
Generated intro paragraph

Here are some examples of other commands you can give Jasper:

  • Write some FAQs about dog training
  • Write a conclusion about the above content
  • Answer the question “How can I speed up my website?”
  • Make a list of the best vegan protein powders
  • Write a follow-up email about a guest post pitch

I’ve also made a cheat sheet with a lot more command ideas you can use.

Letting Jasper Write

Another cool thing about Jasper is that you can click a button—Compose—and Jasper will continue (or begin) writing about your topic.

Let’s add the first subheading it suggested for our electric car blog post and see how it does.

Greenhouse Gases Compose

Now let’s click “Compose” (you can also use the keyword shortcut “CMD + J” on macOS or “CTRL + J” on Windows).

Greenhouse Gases Compose Output
Compose output

You can also start a sentence and have Jasper finish it for you. This is a good way to keep its writing on track.

Let’s start the next paragraph by saying “Greenhouse gases are bad for the environment because” and see what it writes.

GH Compose example 2

And here’s what Jasper wrote:

GH Compose example output 2
Compose output

As mentioned earlier, this is meant to be a Jasper AI review, not a full-blown tutorial, so that’s as far as I’m going to go with this piece because there’s a lot more you can do with Jasper that we need to cover.

If you want a more in-depth writing guide, check out my full tutorial on how to write blog posts with Jasper.

Improving Your Content

If you’ve written a piece of content but don’t feel 100% about it, you could run it through the “Content Improver” to have Jasper make it cooler and more engaging.

Here’s what Jasper “Content Improver” comes up when we add “Malone’s Cones sells the best ice cream in Scranton.”

Content Improver output
Content Improver output

Note: If you love The Office, we could totally be best friends.

You could maybe use it to step up your dating game?

Content Improver output
Content Improver output

Writing Marketing Copy

Jasper includes several marketing frameworks you can use to write more engaging and high-converting copy.

Marketing Frameworks by Jarvis
Marketing Frameworks

1. AIDA Framework

AIDA—Attention, Interest, Desire, Action—is a marketing model that uses four basic steps to encourage people to take some form of action, typically buying your product or service.

Jasper allows you to quickly create a framework for your company and product. All you have to do is enter your company or product name, product description, and a tone of voice.

Let’s create a fake company called “Fast Platypus” and a fake electric car called “Platypus Model 3,” and have Jaspergenerate some outputs.

AIDA Framework output example
AIDA Framework output

My Inputs

  • Company name: Fast Platypus
  • Product description: Protect the environment, spend less on maintenance, and save money on gas with the Platypus Model 3, the best electric car around.
  • Tone of voice: Tony Stark (you can also do things like “friendly,” “witty,” or other well-known people like Arnold Schwarzenegger)

What Jasper Wrote

  • Attention: You know the environment is in trouble.
  • Interest: The Platypus Model 3 is a new, electric car that’s not only better for the environment but also cheaper to maintain and more affordable than gas-powered cars. It has an impressive range of 500 miles on one charge and can be fully charged in just 30 minutes!
  • Desire: With this car, you won’t have to worry about spending money on gas or maintenance costs ever again. Plus it’s super fun to drive! Drive your way out of pollution with the Platypus Model 3 today!
  • Action: Click here now for more information on how you can get your own Platypus Model 3 today!

For the “Tone of voice” option, you can do things like “friendly,” “witty,” or other well-known people like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You also have control over the number of outputs you want Jasper to generate.

2. PAS Framework

PAS—Problem, Agitate, Solution—is one of the most common marketing frameworks for developing persuasive messages.

Let’s create a fake A/C repair company called “Santa’s Freezer” and see what it comes up with.

AC Repair PAS output
PAS output

My Inputs

  • Company name: Santa’s Freezer
  • Product description: Reliable A/C repair and HVAC service
  • Tone of voice: Friendly

What Jasper Wrote

  • Problem: It’s hot outside, but your air conditioner isn’t working. 
  • Agitate: Nobody wants to be stuck in a home or business that’s too hot during the summer heat. If you’re looking for reliable HVAC service, Santa’s Freezer is here to help. We are family owned and operated, which means we take extra care of our customers and their homes or businesses. Our team is ready 24/7 to provide fast service with no hidden costs and upfront pricing so that you know what you’ll pay before work begins onsite. We offer free estimates so all homeowners can get professional repair services without paying a penny until they see how much it will cost them first hand! Call today for more information about our affordable rates!
  • Solution: We have over 3 decades of experience repairing HVAC units from top brands like Goodman, Trane, Carrier and Rheem Air Conditioning Systems as well as most other makes & models including Lennox AC Units

3. Feature to Benefit

Feature to Benefit allows you to turn the features of your product into benefits that encourage people to take action.

Feature to Benefit output
Feature to Benefit output

4. Before-After-Bridge Framework

This allows you to create marketing copy using the BAB—Before, After, Bridge—framework.

Before-After-Bridge output
Before-After-Bridge output

Writing Emails

Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach your customers and prospects because it’s a direct line between you and them that can be personalized with the information they need.

Next in this Jasper AI review, we’ll take a look at some of the email templates available.

Email Templates by Jarvis
Email Templates

1. Personalized Cold Emails

You can generate emails for guest post pitches, follow-ups, cover letters, inquiries, and more.

Personalized Cold Email output
Personalized Cold Email output

2. Email Subject Lines

If you’ve been doing email marketing for any amount of time, you know how difficult it can be to get people to open your stuff—like seriously, what’s up with that?

You can have Jasper come up with engaging email subject lines to boost your open rate.

Email Subject Line output
Email Subject Line output

3. Persuasive Bullet Points

This template will create persuasive bullet points you can add to your landing pages, emails, social media descriptions, and more.

Persuasive Bullet Points output
Persuasive Bullet Points output

Writing Ad Copy

You can have Jasper write ad copy for your Facebook and Google ads—but the output can be used for any social platform, really.

Ad Templates by Jarvis
Ad Templates

1. Facebook & Google Ad Headline

This will have Jasper generate headlines that entice users to click through to your offer.

Facebook Ad Headline output
Facebook & Google Ad Headline output

2. Facebook Ad Primary Text & Google Description

This will have Jasper write high-converting copy for the “Primary Text” section of your Facebook ads or the “Description” section of your Google ads.

Facebook Ad Primary Text output
Facebook & Google Ad Primary Text output

Writing for Ecommerce

No doubt copywriting plays a vital role in marketing campaigns and the bottom-line success of your eCommerce business.

Instead of trying to figure out how to write persuasive content to convince customers that they need your product, you can let Jasper do it for you.

Ecommerce Templates
Ecommerce Templates

1. Product Description

Let Jasper write captivating descriptions for your product or service that you can add to your website, social media platforms, and emails.

Product Description output
Product Description output

2. Amazon Product Features (Bullets)

Have Jasper generate bullet points with your product’s key features and benefits for the “about this item” section of your Amazon listings.

Amazon Product Features (Bullets) output
Amazon Product Features (Bullets) output

3. Amazon Product Description (Paragraph)

This one will the do same as the one above but in paragraph form (most of the time).

Amazon Product Description (Paragraph) output
Amazon Product Description (Paragraph) output

4. Product Page SEO (Title and Meta Descriptions)

Write SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions to help your product pages rank well on Google.

Product Page SEO (Title and Meta Descriptions) output
Product Page SEO (Title and Meta Descriptions) output

Writing for Social Media

Social media is all about telling stories and connecting with your audience.

I’m actually impressed at how good Jasper is at crafting human-like captions and descriptions.

This thing adds hashtags and everything.

Social Media Templates by Jarvis
Social Media Templates

1. Creative Story

I thought it was pretty cool how Jasper wrote such an engaging story when the only thing I told it was that I had eaten a high-protein peanut butter and jelly sandwich the night before.

Creative Story written by Jarvis
Creative Story output

2. Photo Post Captions

“I just can’t even right now” is literally how I feel after every workout, not only leg day. So I guess that output was pretty good.

Photo Post Captions output
Photo Post Captions output

3. Personal Bio

With the Personal Bio template, all you have to do is tell Jasper some things about you, choose the tone of voice and point of view (first person or third person), and it will write a pretty sweet bio.

This is also useful for those of you who guest post to get backlinks and drive traffic.

Companies will often ask for your author bio, so you can use Jasper to create relevant but different bios—that way you won’t have the same bio on every website.

Personal Bio output
Personal Bio output

4. Pinterest Pin Title & Description

If you’re using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, you know how time-consuming it is to design new Pins and come up with more titles and descriptions.

Pinterest Pin Title & Description output
Pinterest Pin Title & Description output

5. Engaging Questions

How many people see your post depends on how much engagement it gets.

Lots of likes and comments will tell social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook that your content is fire and should be seen by more people, so they increase your reach.

A great way to increase engagement is to ask your followers questions in your captions. Luckily, you can have Jasper write those as well.

Engaging Questions output
Engaging Questions output

6. Quora Answers

Answering questions on Quora is actually a great technique to drive traffic to your site, so don’t sleep on it.

Have Jasper write answers for you and then add a link back to your site where people can learn more about the topic—make sure that you add one or two links to others sites so people don’t think you’re a selfish spammer, though.

Quora Answers output
Quora Answers output

Writing for Your Website

The next thing we’ll cover in this Jasper AI review is letting it write for your website.

Putting some effort into your website’s copywriting is a great way to stand out from your competitors. Basically, good copywriting will satisfy two of your website’s most important audiences: Google search engine and your readers.

Website Templates by Jarvis
Website Templates

1. Perfect Headline

Headlines are probably one of the most important parts of marketing. If you think about it, headlines are everywhere—on newspapers, TV, blog posts, emails, and social media.

A good headline will capture your readers’ attention, provide clues as to what your website, post, or article is about, and communicate the value of it in a couple of seconds.

Perfect Headline output
Perfect Headline output

2. Website Sub-Headline

This template will generate cool subheadings (H2) for your website and landing pages. This can be used for blog post outlines as well.

Sub-Headline output
Sub-Headline output

3. Company Bio

This template will allow you to tell the story of your company with an engaging bio.

Company Bio output
Company Bio output

4. Unique Value Propositions

This will make Jasper write a clear statement that describes the benefit of your product or service in a way that’s enticing and hot.

Unique Value Proposition output
Unique Value Proposition output

Writing for Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool you can use to manage and optimize your business’ online presence on Google Search and Google Maps.

Google Templates by Jarvis
Google Templates

1. What’s New Post

This template will allow Jasper to generate updates about your product, service, or business in general.

What's New Post output
What’s New Post output

2. Event Post

If you have a business that often hosts events very often, such as a yoga studio or MMA gym, you can let Jasper write your event details.

Event Post output
Event Post output

3. Product Description

Generate product descriptions that get people pumped up about your stuff.

Product Description output
Product Description output

4. My Offer Post

Generate compelling offer details for your product or service that can be used in Google My Business or any other platform.

Offer Post output
Offer Post output

Writing for YouTube

The next thing we’ll cover in this Jasper AI review is writing for your YouTube channel.

With these templates, you’ll be able to quickly generate video topic ideas, script outlines, titles, script hook and introduction, and descriptions.

YouTube Video Templates
YouTube Video Templates

1. Video Topic Ideas

If you’ve had your business for a while, you know how difficult it can be to come up with content to create. With Jasper, you can quickly generate some topic ideas.

Video Topic Ideas output
Video Topic Ideas output

2. Video Script Outline

Have a video idea? Just open up Jasper and let it generate a video script outline.

Video Script Outline output
Video Script Outline output

3. Video Titles

We already mentioned how important titles are. You can have Jasper create some for your YouTube videos as well.

Video Titles output
Video Titles output

4. Video Script Hook and Introduction

Have you ever clicked on a video and left after two seconds because you got bored?

Me too.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Jasper can write some pretty engaging hooks to get people to watch your videos all the way through.

Video Script Hook and Introduction output
Video Script Hook and Introduction output

5. Video Description for YouTube

Remember, YouTube is a search engine just like Google, so YouTube SEO matters. Make sure that your video descriptions rank well in searches.

Video Titles output
Video Titles output

6. Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers

Earlier in this Jasper AI review, we went over the importance of asking questions to increase engagement.

You can generate questions to add to your YouTube videos, social media platforms, and emails.

Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers output
Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers output

Writing SEO Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

The last set of templates we’ll look at in this Jasper AI review are the SEO ones.

Basically, these templates will generate SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions for your blog posts, homepage, product page, and services page.

SEO Templates by Jarvis
SEO Templates

These templates are pretty straightforward, so I’m only going to show you an example of one of them.

SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptions output
SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptions output

Surfer SEO & Jasper Integration

Another cool thing about Jasper is that if you’re not very familiar with Google SEO, you can use Surfer SEO guidelines for more SEO-friendly content.

Surfer SEO and Jasper integration
Surfer SEO inside Jasper

An integration with Surfer will allow you to see which topics you should tackle, how to structure your content, and which words are important for your audience and search engines.

Jasper AI Cons

No review is complete without mentioning some cons—and this Jasper AI review is no different.

Here are some potential downsides of this AI writing software:

1. It Takes Some Practice and Patience

You need to spend some time practicing and understanding how the tool works to get good results.

When I first started using Jasper, I thought it wasn’t that great at writing what I wanted. Then I realized it was me, not Jasper.

Once I practiced and understood how it worked, I was able to better communicate with it and get the results I wanted.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.

Abraham Lincoln

Remember the quote above when you begin using Jasper.

Spending some time learning how to use Jasper (sharpening the ax) might seem like a waste of time, but it will work to your advantage once you’ve learned it (sharpened it).

The time spent learning (sharpening) will make your life easier and speed up your content creation process and overall workflow.

2. Trained on a Model up to October 2019

If your content requires more up-to-date information, you’ll have to feed Jasper a bit more info to talk about.

Jasper AI Reviews

Here are a few comments from people who are using Jasper to create content and grow their business.

Jarvis AI Reviews from Facebook groups

Plans & Pricing

Currently, there are three plans available—Starter, Pro, and Boss Mode—all of which come with:

  • A 7-day money-back guarantee
  • 50+ short-form copywriting templates
  • 25+ supported languages
  • Chat support

1. Starter

The Starter plan is $29/month and has a limit of 20,000 words. This is great for those only wanting to write short-form copy, such as headlines, descriptions, bios, and more.

The Starter plan includes everything mentioned above, plus:

  • Unlimited users
  • 5 project folders

2. Pro

The Pro plan is $109/month and comes with unlimited words. This is great for those of you wanting to write long-form content, such as blog posts, video scripts, and books.

The Pro plan includes:

  • 600-character lookback
  • Long-form assistant
  • Workspace documents
  • 1 user ($40 per additional user)
  • Unlimited project folders

3. Boss Mode

Boss Mode is $119/month and comes with unlimited words. This plan includes the famous Jasper Commands and allows you to write faster.

Boss Mode includes:

  • 3,000-character lookback
  • Unlimited runs
  • Jasper Commands
  • 1 user ($50 per additional user)
  • Unlimited project folders
  • Long-form assistant
  • Workspace documents

Difference Between Pro and Boss Mode

The main difference between these two plans is that Boss Mode gives you access to Jasper Commands and has a 3,000-character lookback, whereas Pro only has a 600-character lookback.

To understand why character lookback matters, we first need to understand how Jasper works.

Basically, Jasper reads the previous content to understand the context of your piece and figure out what to write next.

With Pro, Jasper can only see the previous 600 characters. So if you’re writing long-form content, it can forget what the pattern is.

For example, if you were at the bottom of a document, Jasper could see that you’re writing a blog post by reading the pattern:

  • Header
  • Paragraph
  • Header
  • Paragraph

When it sees that, it’s more likely to write another header because that’s the pattern that has been set.

If Jasper only sees:

  • Header
  • Paragraph
  • Header

Then it’s more likely to write another paragraph since that’s the pattern it sees.

With Boss Mode, Jasper can see the previous 3,000 characters, which means less duplicate output, references material above, summarize longer content, and much faster writing.

Jasper AI Discounts

Currently, there are no discounts available for Jasper, but you can get started with a 10,000-word free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Take Jasper for a Spin!

Let your AI assistant help you write blog articles, emails, social media posts, high-converting ads, and more.

Jasper FAQs

The last thing we’ll cover in this Jasper AI review is a set of the most commonly asked questions.

1. How Good Is Jasper AI?

My experience with Jasper has been good so far. There’s definitely a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it can really speed up your content creation process.

It also generates better outputs than other AI writing tools I’ve tried, by far.

2. How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?

Jasper AI has three plans—Starter, Pro, and Boss Mode. The Starter plan is $29/month, the Pro plan is $109/month, and Boss Mode is $119/month.

3. Does Conversion AI Have a Free Trial?

Absolutely, Jasper (formerly Conversion AI) has a 10,000-word free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

4. Is Conversion AI Worth It?

I believe Conversion AI is worth it.

If it takes you several days to write blog posts, brainstorm topics to write about, come up with engaging headlines, and write good ad copy, Jasper is definitely a good investment.

Remember, time is money.

5. Which Languages Does Jasper Support?

Input languages include Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, and Chinese.

Output languages include the same as the input languages + English (British and American) and Portuguese (Brazilian and all other Portuguese varieties excluding Brazilian Portuguese).

6. Is the Content Written by Jasper Original?

Yes, all the content written by Jasper is original and passes plagiarism tests with 99.99% unique content that’s free and good for publication.

Jasper doesn’t take huge paragraphs from other web pages, it decides what’s going to write one word at a time.

7. Who Is Jasper AI For?

This is pretty useful for marketers trying to improve conversions, entrepreneurs and bloggers wanting to make money online, agencies trying to deliver work to their clients quickly, nonprofits wanting to step up their grant writing, and pretty much anyone doing any type of copywriting.

Power at 400% Capacity

If you got that reference, you’re cool.

Anyway, Jasper is definitely a great AI writing assistant to have on your side—especially if you’re looking to publish content faster, improve your workflows, and enjoy some extra free time.

Get your 10,000-word free trial and take it for a spin. It might be a tight fit?


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